Sunday School in the Community Room

This staging of work features the consideration of defying, and inspiring

    “good morning,” a greeting, rises out of the commanding voice of the man at the helm— in unison, an understanding is indulged.

Through a couple of walls over, lower ceilings, oblique at times, confines a cozier space. Uncontainable in fact, and congeniality is the very insight of rebellion. Shhhh-should silence be the order, be it the antithesis a wholly of enthusiam? —The ambition of the children are trapped in Sunday School.

  • to spur on: impel, motivate
    • affect
    • divine influence or guidan
  • draw forth, bring about, incite
  • inhale; to breathe, blow into or upon

inspire vignette
13'x8"x8" Malachite (copper compound,) Gypsum on wooden furniture, w/ doorway section

photography credit: Dev Hein, thank you