Hamiltonian Artists @the Kreeger Museum, “Doing the Work”

In a confluence toward an ill delta, cast abstractions are nestled into interiors, while architectural yield a careful indulgence. The materials presented are paint matter, minerals, and metals together a composed vignette; a stage of gathered politics. By the teeth of a personal corridor, the filtration of local concerns is regarded anew. What is represented once we input may skew what we are reflective of. The water reflects, the sky refracts, each traveler commits a path.  Walking with care permits the attention to the work necessary on the ground. Our individual zeal is appreciated, though it must also withstand the discord of our neighbors’ priorities. Here copper is featured for its rich conducive properties. Whilst its exposure to weathering is beautiful, foremost it is fortifying.

a confluence toward an ill delta
white oak, copper, limeston and concrete
stage dimensions: 48”x 48”

Photo Credit: Vivian Marie Doering
Courtesy of the Kreeger Museum 2023