Get Down Pat 

This staging of work features the consideration of weaning, haboring, manifesting

 to have something down pat-

  • the coming into the know of, avid preparedness
  • develop an expertise about
  • to have well memorized

I am considering the goals of parental structures for adolescent burgeoning into adulthood within a precarious state. There is the preparedness defined by ones routine condition as it may standardize what qualifies as sufficient.



[exit left] door frame section
w/ wooden door beads


painted wooden bench section prepared for outdoor wear

[haphazardly placed just beneath:]

manifest text ephemera (take away) —an absentee ballot, early voting, voter informational offered for circulation during the 2020 election year

harbor vignette
indigo, gypsum
on plexiglass

manifest vignette
iron w/in  wooden furniture


wean vignette (w/ fun sized homemade bran flakes)

bisected prism; lead, lead dioxide, gypsum

3”x 6”x 4”

photography credit: 
Dev Hein, thank you